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Turquoise House - Custom Residence 

Phoenix, AZ.  2002

Architect & Builder:  James Easton, AIA

Turquoise House was completed in 2003 on the Phoenix North Mountain Preserve.  The Site was an abandoned hillside property with a foundation in place.  The existing foundation was fortified and the new structure was erected.  The house is constructed of Light Gauge Steel, Concrete and Frame-less Glass.  The leading edge of the second story cantilevers eight feet forward from the face of the first floor wall.  The second floor roof extension provides full shade to the glass walls during the hot summer months.  The interior floors are polished, black concrete with a patina stain finish on both levels.  The kitchen boasts precast, ultra smooth, jet black concrete counter tops.  The master sink is a single cast concrete slab cantilevered from the wall, nestled in the corner is a cast in place concrete soaking tub.  The interior stair is constructed of solid 2 1/2" thick, old growth eastern white pine treads mounted on steel rails.  Framed views of distant mountains and the glittering lights of the valley below combine to create a surreal example of the potential of desert living.

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